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Saturday, 19 May 2018

Me Made May Day 19 - It's the Meghan & Harry Wedding Attire!

Today is short and sweet.

I woke up just after the crack of dawn and sported my:

- Rebecca Page Meghan Wrap Dress (Blog Post Here)

- Tardis (aka Doctor Who) fascinator

- Unicorn mug o'fake tea (coffee). 

I dutifully watched the festivities before, during, and briefly after the loving wedding of Price Harry and Meghan Markle. 

She won my heart as Rachel Zane in Suits a few years ago, and apparently won the heart of Price Harry around the same time!

The way Harry looks at her is how my Husband looks at me. The soft touches, giggles, hands grazing, and pure admiration for each other made me miss Husband excessively today. 

He opted to go on a fishing trip instead of watching the Royal Wedding - I mean, did he NOT get the invitation??

I LOVED the mix of traditional British and funky American during the ceremony - and I'm not even a religious person!  

Sure the Preacher's speech was long, but he was captivating and I wish that Love COULD solve all the world's problems. 

Let Love Lead the Way. 

Sew On!

Friday, 18 May 2018

It's Swim Season! What Are This Unicorn's Favourite Swim Sewing Patterns??

It's swim season, and time to update our swimwear yet again!

I put several suits through their paces last year, and still feel that they're stylish this season.

My favourite suits for my 5'-2" height, and curvy body are meant for working at our cabin land AND for playing in the water.

And I'm not afraid to match and mix different pattern designers patterns with each other, as I did with several of the patterns I'm going to share with you. 

I'll start with a more unknown designer - Savvy Patterns.

The Grace Tankini is stylish, and perfect for those of us who are self conscious of our legs, behinds, and middle areas.  Essentially, it's a perfect pattern for the average woman who wants to feel beautiful in her own skin.

Merlin and me enjoying the Grace Tankini!

For more details on Grace, pop over to my original Post.

Grace Tankini with Reversible Riptide Bottoms

Next up is my favourite go-to for Swim and active wear - 5 out of 4 Patterns.

See a pattern that you'd like to sew up with swim fabric? Cut pattern pieces out, and cut your swim fabric using said pattern pieces.

Now it's swim wear.

Which pieces do I love for swim wear in particular?

The Agility Tank

This is normally a workout tank, however, I saw it as a good opportunity to keep myself covered for working around camp, yet have the ability to jump into the Riviere Noire when I'm ready to play.

Sewing it up, the instructions are easy to follow, and Jessica (the designer) offers a lot of assistance within the pattern in case you get confused by the layering.

Agility Paired with my Reversible Riptides. Even little buddy Stryder (our Cockatiel) likes it!

I feel the most tedious part was the strap binding, but that's more because there was a lot of pinning, and triple checking to make sure the pieces were where they ought to be prior to putting in the final stretch stitches.

It was easy to sew with swim, as I went slow, and didn't pull on the fabric or binding excessively.

If you have scraps of swim wear, this is a good excuse to take your time to sew the Agility tank and clear up some of your coveted complimentary swim fabric.

You can also sew just the Sports Bra as a basic bikini top.

The Agility is FABULOUS at making your middle area look stunning, and you'll strut your stuff while wearing it.

Or maybe that's just me.

The Escapade Bikini Top

When you're feeling sassy and just want a bikini top, the Escapade comes to the rescue.

It also makes a great bra, and the pattern includes a tankini and dress length, so you can make a multitude of different outfits from one pattern.

I especially love the front bust ruching - it's a nice touch and not very difficult to sew up.

More on the Escapade here

Escapade and Reversible Riptides
Reversible Riptides

I admit I have two or 3 pairs of these that will be coming out of hibernation soon! 

The first pair I made, I used the maternity hack front (oops), but it still works for me. Husband says it makes my belly look cute.

Again, I was tempted to make this pattern because a) I have lunge & squat thighs, b) I have hips and a behind, c) I love ruching ties, and d) I prefer shorts style bathing suit bottoms.

The shorts use minimal fabric (as you can tell, I made the Agility Tank , Escapade Bikini Top, and Riptides from 1/2 a metre of this fabric, and I still have some left.)

The instructions are clear, however, the steps where putting the crotch portion together were a bit confusing. I asked in the 5 out of 4 Facebook Group for help, and thankfully the steps were explained to me, and I had that "Eureka," moment on how to sew these up.

Other than that part, they were a relatively easy sew, and I love that it gives you 2 bathing suit bottoms in one (aka the reversible part).

Not having a lining in the groin area doesn't bother my bits, and I'm looking forward to making updated Riptides with this year's fabric.

I recommend every woman needs at least one pair of these! 

Shenanigans Skort

A skort say ye?

Yes - a skort!

It has shorts built in AND a skirt that can have either a plain or ruffled hem on it.

AND for my purpose, I can safely float down the river at our camp without burning my legs (it's a 4 hour river float) - here's how

Sewing up the skort itself - again, the instructions were easy to follow, and I had no issues. I didn't even have to take out my seam ripper! 

George + Ginger's Daybreak Rashguard

This is an awesome creation that allows for me to work and be in the sun without getting burnt.

Side note: I burn even if I lather on sunscreen every half hour or hour in the sun. I fear the sun - my shoulders and knees REALLY fear the sun!

This rashguard can double as a top, but for my purposes, it works well as a Swim fabric top.

Sewing it up is easy to follow - the only head scratching parts would be the neck binding and the bottom hem binding.

Just pay attention and sew slowly, and you'll sew it up perfectly fine.

I opt for mid length and 3/4 length sleeves - and it seems to work well for me so far - no belly burns on my white pasty skin! 

For anyone who spends time in the sun and water, and wants that extra level of protection, this Rashguard is a MUST. It certainly saved my arms last summer, and will continue to do so this year and beyond.

Sew, choose your swim patterns, and you'll have the most flattering and stylish swim suit collection of all your friends!

Sew on (see what I did there??)

My First Rebecca Page Love: The Madison Blouse

It was a cold Canadian winter day last year when I stumbled upon a picture of a blouse that wasn't normally a style I would wear..but it looked so fancy and pretty.
It was a love at first sight.

It was the Madison Blouse by Mummykins & Me (now known as Rebecca Page Patterns). 

Read to the end for a SUPER Sale Offer on the Madison Pattern for this month!!

Part of the allure was the cute bow, the other part was the flowiness of the fabric.

What options does it come with?
- Blouse or dress length
- Collar or Tie
- False Bow option
- Wide or Narrow Bow
- Short or long sleeves (with a puff option too!)
- Ladies, Girls, and 18" Doll versions

The buttons at the front were indimidating, and to be honest, the first ones I sewed with my Husqvarna Viking Emerald (aka plain Jane sewing machine). By the third button, I had the hang of how my machine made button holes.

I really love the front and back yokes - it really gives it that professional touch and appeal. The collar is also different and nice on its own or with the tie.

Hard at work!

For me, I opted for short puff sleeves with the wide neck tie, shirt length for my first Madison, and regular short sleeve with the plain collar for my second.

I wouldn't be able to pull off the dress length. Well...oh my - I can pull it off with a sash!  I'll add that project to my list *sigh*.

I took my time and followed all of the instructions, made sure my fabric was right or wrong side up when required, and I think I only had to rip out a handful of stitches due to lack of concentration.

I sewed it up using mainly the sewing machine method with hidden seams...sort of. I got a bit confused with the hidden seams at times, and just followed the serger method with a zig zag stitch method.

Keep in mind, I'd had 2 months of sewing clothing regularly, and will still getting the terminology.

I recently sewed up the Brielle Blouse and successfully sewed the hidden seams without cursing or making BIG EYES at my machine.

I always get compliments when I wear my Madison - and people are surprised that I made it! It really gives me a sense of pride every day I choose to put her on.

Pssst!  For the Month of May 2018, use coupon code " MAYPP20 " at checkout to save 20% off the Madison Blouse (even the bundle, which is already 20% off!! You do the math!)

Ladies Regular $11.50 - Sale $9.20!

Girls Regular $9.50 - Sale $7.60!

Dolls Regular $4.50 - Sale $3.60

Bundle Regular $25.50 - Current Sale $20.40 
- SUPER Sale Price = $16.32!!

Sassy Madison ready for WICC (Women in Insurance...something something Pancake Breakfast)

Puppy Fynn loves Madison (and Me) Too!  

***Affiliate Links Above used - I love these patterns, and without the help of those who love their patterns, marketing would be extremely difficult for the pattern makers we love and learn to love. Affiliate links help with the hours, fabric, and tears that go behind testing each pattern in order to provide a real-person view on the patterns for you (and me!) 

Me Made May Day 18: Winter Wear Designs Provence Pea Coat & Cross Hem Tee!

Last night I had a slight "head clamp" migraine going on, but had to run an errand for a friend at around 8:30 pm.

Top that with a broken sleep and having Indian food for dinner, I was tired. 

Gas was going up over night. I knew it. I should of sucked up my fatigue and just stopped for gas at a "low" 125.9 per Litre. 

Nope. I figured when I woke up at 5:15 am, that I'd beat the increase.

Nope. Less than 7 hours after the last Gas Buddy App update, the prices were wrong everywhere, and it skyrocketed to 139.4 per Litre!  14 cents for the exact same gas. 

Glad to make the rich oil companies richer.  

If only people got as angry at the oil companies as they do insurance companies, the government would be forced to take a tax cut to help. Insurance gives you at least 30-60 days notice of premium increases that occur once a year unless you make policy changes.  Gas prices seem to change 4 times a DAY! 

At least I may not be driving anywhere until Sunday. Hoping that the prices go down or I'm only putting $20 in. I feel like I'm 23 years old again putting $20 in at a time *sigh*. 

Anyhow, at least I looked stylish, and compromised by grabbing my first Tim Horton's coffee in almost 2 months.  

How Canadian of me, eh?

My jeans are store bought (given to me by a friend). I have the Real Deal Jeans pattern cut out, but haven't had the chance to make them yet *sigh* eventually!

Winter Wear Designs Provence Pea Coat

I made this coat in the fall/early winter, and it used a lot less fabric than I anticipated, thanks to my creative cutting, and lots of pattern pieces. 

Lots of pieces may intimidate some, but to me, it means I can use less fabric by cutting into every single nook and cranny possible. 

I made this with a silver/grey and white coating twill for the exterior, and the interior is a lovely star stretch fleece fabric (which I also used for my 5 out of 4 Aspen Vest that I wear to camp every weekend!). 

With the stretch, it does bunch the bottom up a bit, but it gives it a puffy look - that's what I'm going with. 

My waist also shrunk, so I freestyled and made the belt a few weeks ago so it hugged my curves better. It's a bit long, but I like it. And used up the remainder of the twill fabric to do so. 

People don't believe I made this coat. 

(and it has a HOOD and POCKETS!)

Winter Wear Designs Cross Hem Tee

This is one of my first Winter Wear Designs patterns that I actually made.  

I had it cut out and in my to-sew pile since the Summer. 

Yeah, I know. 

I used a flowy cotton lycra (?) with a touch of an old favourite velvet skirt that I will never squeeze into ever again.  

They paired up perfectly. 

I successfully sewed my first v-neck, and cross hem, and Winter Wear Designs pattern. 

And LOVE it!  

It's flattering and the sizing is on par. It hugs my curves without being tight. 

Must make time to create more Cross hems! 

(pssst - Join the Winter Wear Designs FB Group to get the Cross Hem Tee FREE coupon code!!)

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Me Made May Day 17: Ballerina Tie Top & Dreamy Drape Skirt

Today I'm going for the layering bottom effect. 

And wanted to look bad ass. 

So, I'm sporting a pair of leggings that started my sewing adventure along with a few me-made garments. 

These leggings I bought on sale at American Eagle for $8 just over 2 years ago. I thought they were almost done and wearing out a year and 4 months ago. 

That's when hell broke loose and I started sewing my wardrobe, due to the inability to find a) camisoles that were tunic length, and b) leggings that fit and didn't cost me an arm and a leg in stores.  

My office is beside one of our city's largest malls. I spent 3 lunches scouring for these two staple pieces to no avail. 

And forget about pants shopping. The only ones that would fit me cost $70-$80, as anything else made my "squat" thighs look like sausages. I mean, I'm in my 30's - why don't they make business pants for ladies who have real thighs? Who have done squats and lunges for years? More on this rant here.

Here's today's outfit other than the leggings:

The Wolf and the Tree's Ballerina Tie Top

Yes, I know I wore one already this week, BUT this is my short sleeved version. 

More on one of my fave easy-to-sew tops in a previous post

Rebecca Page's Dreamy Drape (Add On) Skirt

I like pairing my mini Star Wars themed Dreamy Drape skirt with leggings - I mean, what girl doesn't like layering? 

It will pair well in the summer with Capris leggings - allowing me to wear non-tunic length shirts AND leggings together. 

More on my awesome skirt here.

Sew on and have fun with your wardrobe - life's too short to be serious! 

Sewing Pattern Review: Rebecca Page Dreamy Drape & Add On

The Dreamy Drape pattern ran solo until this Spring, when Rebecca Page released the Add on to enhance this simple and flattering batwing style top. 

The original includes: 
- The batwing drapey top pattern
- Neckline with hemming or binding options
- Diagonal Hem or Banded straight waistband
- Ladies, Child, and 18" Doll versions
- Elbow, 3/4, or full sleeves

This top is a quick sew, and definitely best for a flowy knit fabric. 

The instructions are straight forward with step by step instructions along with a one-page Cole's notes version for more skilled seamstresses, or those of us who have sewn up more than a few Dreamy Drapes. 

If you use a fabric without flow, it will look boxy and not very flattering to be honest. 

I made mine with a flowy purple & silver fabric I got for pattern testing that I liked enough to utilize in clothes I keep and wear. 


With the Dreamy Drape Add-On, it gives us even more options: 

- Make the Dreamy Drape Top into a Drapey Dress! 

- OR Make a mini or knee length skirt with knit band 

- Option for a sultry walking vent at the back

This skirt was SO quick to sew up - and I'm a slow sewer. 

I have a Viking Emerald - so no serger, no coverstitch machine - it's just me and my trusty sewing machine with basic stitches.

So it can take me a bit longer to sew, and right now a bit longer to understand instructions at times with my Brain Fog (darn you, Vestibular Migraines!). 

My Mini took me under half an hour from cut to done, and my knee length with the vent took my just over half an hour!  

And I LOVE to pair my mini with leggings - great for the summer to pair with capris length leggings too - especially for those of us who don't want our thighs rubbing together.

And they also look quite flattering on my derriere, and don't give me muffin top or make my abdomen area look sad. 

I need more Dreamy Drape Skirts!  

I'm not sure if the dress would be flattering on me, but for the skirt alone, I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a comfy pencil style skirt. 

Add a bit of ruffle to the bottom to girly it up if you want, and use the Ultimate Patch Pocket Pattern Add On to add some pockets to the back  or front!

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Me Made May Day 16: Gloria Peplum Top, Kingston Jacket, and High Waisted Leggings

Sunny Days = a new day ahead. 

Always look forward and try not to glance back. 

Today's attire includes:

Rebecca Page's Kingston Jacket

It was a chilly drive to drop Husband off at work this morning, so I had to sport my stylish Kingston Jacket.

I loved this Tiger Fabric when I first saw  it - I sing, "Eye of the Tiger" every time I put it on.

Ironically, this was my first ever pattern testing last year - experience it all over again with me!

5 out of 4's Gloria Peplum Top

This top was a simple sew with a different arm option - the split sleeve! 

I made mine as part of a Sew-A-Long last week, and won a free pattern for my creation (yeah!).

I originally had the elbow length sleeve, however, cut it to short sleeve as my sleeve fabric wasn't crapey enough and looked weird with a longer sleeve. I know for next time!

I love the way this Peplum fits and that it wasn't a fabric hog - it's quite flattering, even at a shorter length than I normally would wear.

Koerb Bros Stitch High Waisted Leggings

When I first saw the picture of these leggings from an unknown designer, I knew I needed them! 

They have options for lace up or zipper sides, and I opted for the capris length.

The directions REALLY confused me - my head hurt while sewing these up last year. 

So, thankfully, I had sewn enough at that point that I was able to sew them together - but if I'd been a beginner sewist, the instructions are too vague that I would of thrown in the towel on making these.

I *do* love the grommets with lacing at the side, however, next time I'd add a "modesty panel" at the sides so the grommets don't directly hit my skin - sometimes they pinch in a bit too much depending on my movement (or lack thereof).

Sew On!